"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Watching With Eyes of Love

If you know anything about me at all, you know I love being a grandmother.  When it comes to grandparenting, I’ve heard it said that the best two sights in the world are the headlights and tail lights, but not me.  I love to see that little fellow pull into our driveway, and when the visit is complete, a huge lump forms in my throat and tears well up in my eyes every time the car pulls away.  And so it was with great joy that my husband and I welcomed the little man into our home for a week’s stay.
With all the advanced technology and gadgets, I often wonder how I ever raised my children to adulthood.  One of those “advancements” is the baby monitor.  Of course, when my parents were raising us kids, they just had to stick pretty close and peek in on us every now then.  But by the time my children arrived, Fisher Price had come out with a baby monitor that allowed us to listen in on our little ones.  They obviously did a good job on that particular product as it still works some 30 years later.  Of course, I have to set the volume dial just right and even then give it a little tap on the table to get rid of the static.  But I was quite excited to pull it out when Jude was born and get it ready for his first visit – and then I learned there was a newer version and model out now: a VIDEO baby monitor.  Not only could we hear the little fellow if he made a peep, we could also see him – even in a dark room at night! 
So when mommy and daddy were packing Jude’s little Elmo suitcase to visit his G-Nan and Geezer, I requested they include his monitor.  I unpacked it, removed a picture from from the wall and replaced it with the small camera.
And morning after morning, I’d find myself holding the monitor in my hands just looking at him.  Sometimes he would be sleeping; other times he would be awake.  I watched him play.  I watched him read. 
I watched him bounce back and forth and from side to side. 
I watched him lay down and suck his thumb.  I watched him clap his hands with glee. 
I watched him throw his Murphy and Fred out of the bed ...
... and then just look at them as if he was thinking, “Now what do I do?” 


I watched him.  And the longer I did, the more my heart swelled for that precious child until I could bear it no longer.  I couldn’t just WATCH, I had to go and pick up the little fellow and love on him. 
But one particular morning as I sat there holding the monitor, just delighting in watching him, a strange sensation came over me.  I realized that God watches me.  And that His heart swells, too -- not because of my behavior or anything I do, but simply because He’s God and I'm His child and He sees through the eyes of love.  
And the same is true for you.
The Lord looks down from heaven and sees …  Psalm 33:14
Just an ordinary moment...


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Julie Sheehan said...

How blessed we are with these little guys!