"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Cup Overflowing, 141-160

This practice of blogging my 1000 gifts takes the discipline of counting gifts to a new level for me.  Rather than just noting the individual gifts moment by moment, day by day in a journal, going back and recounting them – seeing them in “clump” form on a page again, takes me to a new level of faith.  I just can’t out give Him.

#141  up close and personal communion -- sitting on the front row of my son's church allowed just such an experience.  Over and over and over I heard, "Jesus died for you." 

#142  a taste of the wedding presentation in heaven … to the tune of Scottish bagpipes

#143  receiving personal ministry for this weary soul and experiencing physical and spiritual healing
#144  shoeless worship
#145  a cool August morning after a series of hot sultry summer ones
#146  a long-distanced friend and spiritual treasures shared
#147  haunting early morning train whistle that returns me to a child growing up at 637 Hillcrest Avenue
#148   a moment that takes my breath
#149  color at breakfast

#150  a day spent with girlfriends doing girlfriend stuff  -- I appreciate the words of Frank Laubach who wrote, "I disapprove of the usual practice of talking "small talk" whenever we meet, and holding a veil over our souls.  If we are so impoverished that we have nothing to reveal but small talk, then we need to struggle for more richness of soul .... And I hunger -- O how I hunger! for others to tell me their soul adventures."  Yes....

#151  guys doing guy things -- his first camouflage!
#152  “Wow” – my grandson’s new word …. breathlessly pronounced “Wooooowwww.”

#153  spontaneous applause at a wedding reminds me of heaven and the joy that will take place at the final consummation
#154  seeing God’s redemption story in the Old Testament

#155  a weekend guest

#156  waking up to “joyful praise”
#157  learning to hear God’s heartbeat -- I've always heard it within the church walls; now I'm learning to hear it in the world

#158  that really empty feeling that occurs when the grandbaby leaves

#159  whimsical

#160 a farmer’s testimony

My cup continues to be filled to the brim -- with just ordinary moments ....

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