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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The "Family's" View on Heaven

I was switching from DVD to television a few days ago when, just in time, I heard Steve Harvey offer this statement: “Name something you’d like to do all day long if you go to heaven.”  It had been years since I watched Family Feud.  In fact, I think Richard Dawson was still kissing all the women the last time I saw an episode; but the topic itself was enough to make me settle in for a minute and wait for the top 8 answers.

Immediately, the oldest son from family #1 hit the buzzer: “Sing!”  And sure enough, it was there … but only in the next to last place (#7) – which meant the oldest son from family #2 got his shot.  “Sleep!”  Bingo.  # 1 answer.  Really?

The guessing continued.  “Eat” (#5). 

“Be with dead family” (#2). 

“Play” (X). 

“Read/learn” (#3)

“Boink” [a.k.a. sex] (#8) … I cringed when the young woman said, “And if not, I don’t want to go there.”

“Chill with God” (#4) … their words, not mine.

“Watch TV” (XX)

And finally, “Be at peace” (#6).

Of the 10 answers given, I think all but two or three of them are viable options.  (I’ll let you make your own deductions.)  I also have to admit my shock that "worship" didn't make the list.  But if anything the secular world might have on the Christian concerning the concept of heaven, it might be their belief that heaven is actually a fun place to be. 

You know, the enemy need not convince us that Heaven doesn’t exist.  He only needs to persuade us that Heaven is monotonous and dull, because if he can do that, not only will we be robbed of the joy and anticipation, we’ll also be tempted to set our minds on this life and not the “one to come.”  We might be drawn to sit inside and watch game shows and sitcoms rather than marvel at the night sky with a million stars.  Or be lured to hang on to earthly treasures rather than give them away.  Or be tempted to engage in trivialities and petty arguments rather than invest in what’s eternal – such as people’s lives.  Besides, how excited can one actually get about sharing the “good news” of a boring place ... a place to which even we are not looking forward?

Hmm.  Maybe setting my mind on heaven is a discipline I need to employ a little more often.  You?

Just an ordinary moment…

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