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Friday, October 30, 2015

Why I Had Children

[I make no apologies for this entry, but I do tell you right up front it is filled with pictures and thoughts from a still-smitten grandmother. I still encourage you to read to the end.]

The Georgia National Fair is a huge event in the town where I live. This year saw a record of over 500,000 fair-goers. My husband, children and I have been attending every year's event since its inauguration in 1989 when Ray Stevens was the featured entertainer. Yes, our children have practically grown up riding "The Gentle Giant" Ferris wheel, feeding exotic animals and watching more circus acts than most people their ages can boast. But it's what we did; and what we still do.

However, this year was different. Of the 11 days that the fair was in town, our 4 year old grandson was here for the first 5 of them. What was really only to be a one day excursion turned into 5 days of fun; and, boy, what fun we had!

Each morning began with the little fellow sitting in my lap out on the deck in the Adirondack chair cuddled up in a honey colored blanket. Sometimes we would read, but most of the time we would just watch the birds. He got quite proficient at naming the "Go, Dog!" birds (a.k.a. cardinals) and telling me whether they were girl birds or boy birds. On more than one occasion, a flock of noisy geese flew over. I taught him one should not gawk heavenward when that happens but rather close his mouth. We watched woodpeckers and doves and hummingbirds among many other assorted feathered friends. And his belly laugh at the squirrels chasing each other around and around the tree was enough to make this grandmother chuckle out loud herself.

Before too long, the day was in full force and it was time for some fair fun and food.

His cousin accompanied us on several days.

Dumbo was the first ride.

Way up in the sky on the Gentle Giant Ferris wheel took some nerve.

Learning to flip on the trampoline was a major accomplishment.

On to the train.

The world famous carousel! One must always ride (including this grandmother) this one.
Not only was it in the movie, "Big," with Tom Hanks, Elvis Presley himself also did a gig with this one.

The brave young man tackled the swing.

Getting on our game faces for Robinson"s Racing Pigs.

He fed EVERY animal at the petting zoo -- except for the huge cow with the daunting horns. I don't blame him.

We stayed so late that first night that we even got to watch the fireworks.

His Uncle Bobba's tepee is always a hit -- and fun. And being family, they got to cross the "Do Not Cross" rope.

We saw cows but we got to ride horses.

The Agrilift at night is a must.

And at the Saturday morning parade, we got to meet Minion.

He begged to do the Muttin' Bustin', but this is as close as we would let him get without his parent's permission. Maybe next year, little man.

I-flip was a hit!

As were the bumper cars.

An up close encounter with a REAL race car.

Cutest little Captain America I ever did see.

He rode the race car roller coaster with Uncle Charles.

And the Tidal Wave.

And the bumper cars again.

He got to fly solo for a change.

And climb a rock -- sort of. 8 feet was about as high as he would go.  After 45 minutes of waiting in line.

Day 5 found his mom and dad in tow and him sportin' a tiger's face. 

Did I mention he liked the bumper cars?

And the roller coaster.

We drank milk and milked cows.

And we discovered that trees can walk and talk.
We also went to the circus, saw the pirate show, the magic show, watched the monkey show, the sea lion show and spent way too long in the building demonstrating to us the process of growing a chicken. We ate corndogs, hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken strips, roasted corn and funnel cake. And, yes, he and his cousin even danced wildly to Grand Funk Railroad's,"We're an American Band," as they played live on stage opening night. Yes, fun was indeed had by all. But especially by this grandmother.

The end of Day 5 saw our little man safely strapped into his car seat after having been kissed profusely and thanked a hundred times for coming. As they always do, his daddy rolled down the window so we could see him waving to us and so we could throw one more kiss. And as the Jeep was placed in reverse and began making its way to the end of the driveway, my grandson waved one more time and yelled, "Thank you, G-Nan! I loved watching the birds with you!"

YES!!!!!!! A thousand times YES, my sweet one. So did I. So did I.

And that, my friends, is why I had children.

Children's children are a crown to the aged. 
Proverbs 17:6

Just an ordinary moment...