"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Hand of Blessing

Each night when my husband gets in from work, he makes his way to the backyard and lets our two dogs in: Gabe -- a beagle lab mix, and Rusti -- a red healer, and they are as different in personality as they are in color. In fact, we often joke that their personalities mimic mine and my husband's. Rusti is full energy -- and obnoxious. Gabe, being older, is very laid back and quite calm.

This evening while resting on the couch during Monday Night Football, Rusti came up to me and placed both paws squarely on my stomach and began licking me profusely. It's a habit of which I've not been able to break her. I proceeded to scratch her belly for awhile before making her get down. Moments later, Gabe approached, but instead of jumping up on me with both paws, he gently nudged his muzzle up under my hand until it was resting firmly upon his head. Patiently he waited for me to begin to stroke. And I did.

I really appreciate Rusti's enthusiasm and her willingness to be energetic in her "kisses" and "love" toward me, but sometimes it can be a little much and I just push her away. However, Gabe's gentle nudging and "pressing in" wins me about every time. I can't help but lovingly pet that black sheen.

So it got me to thinking: is my enthusiasm ever a little much for God? Does He ever grow weary of my affection? Surely not. I don't think He ever tires of either. But I wonder if sometimes He just wants to say, "Child, would you please just nuzzle in close and place yourself under my hand so that I might respond in love?"

Each day I pray that God would place His hand of blessing on my children's heads. Tomorrow morning, I plan to press in close myself, imagining that strong, protective hand -- and wait.

Maybe I can learn a thing or two from a dog after all.

Just an ordinary moment...

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