"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Strengthen My Heart, O Lord

My plans were to get back on track at the gym this week.  I've been a little lax lately; no one's fault but my own.  And so I slipped on my shorts and pulled the tie-dyed shirt over my head, laced my shoes and readied to head out the door.  And then the thought occurred to me: it's a beautiful day, girlfriend.  Take to the streets. Actually, my allergies have been so bad this season with all the pollen that I've hardly been outside at all except to go to the mailbox.  But something was drawing me.  And I gave in.

I had just read in my Prevention magazine the night before that 3 swift 10 minute walks a day do as much or more for you as a 30 minute walk taken just once a day.  And so I was off for my first heart-healthy trek of the day.  And as I rounded the end of the driveway and started moving forward at a swift pace, I prayed, "Lord, strengthen my heart."  

In no time at all, I saw this little fellow and, of course, had to stop and talk to him.  Peter is his name.

Then there was this bird sitting high in the tree singing his little heart out.  Who couldn't help but stop and listen and maybe whistle a tune with him?

Oh, and one neighbor has this most beautiful and relaxing waterfall respite in her front yard.  So wish I had brought a book...

And then there was "happy."  Really, doesn't this make you smile?

Perry is so beautiful in the spring time.  The trees are blooming just at the perfect time for The Dogwood Festival this weekend.

And this one has a nest!  I had to try to peak in to see if there were any eggs yet...

The crepe myrtles clipped severely during the winter are now producing new life.

The camellias are gifting their last.

And how often I miss color!  Not today.  Both in the big...

... and the small.

As I rounded the corner to take the last leg of the journey, I noticed my young neighbor was outside and so I walked across the street to chat a minute with her.  Life is hard.  We hugged.  She cried.  I prayed.

And, yes, my 10 minutes had turned into 40.  So much for "strengthening my heart."

Or did He do exactly as I asked?

Just an ordinary moment...

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