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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ode to Cynthia

Today, February 21, 2009, I celebrate Cynthia, my college roommate. We were known as the Dynamic Duo – more to Cynthia’s acclaim than mine as she was often the master mind behind most of our schemes.

I think our first escapade was my idea – though not original. We decided to take our neighbor’s mattresses and hide them knowing that when she came in that evening she would be a little tipsy. So one went outside to the 2nd floor breezeway and the other on top of the stalls in the bathroom. Let’s just say she was “confused.” I’m not sure how well we knew Steph at that time, but surprisingly she did become one of our best friends and a suite mate the next year.

On more than one dull evening on campus, the two of us donned women’s hosiery over our heads and faces and headed for the practice rooms with our water pistols. I’m not sure the girls practicing their pianos so late in the evening enjoyed the surprise spritz’ or not, but Cynthia and I sure had a blast.

And then there was the write up in the school paper: “Popcorn Bandits Hit Persons Dorm.” Oh, were we ever good, too. Cynthia and I learned to walk right out of other girl’s rooms without their ever knowing their precious stuffed animal had been kidnapped right under their noses. Somehow I made it out to the 2nd floor breezeway with a 3-foot Pepto pink dog and dropped it over the ledge to my accomplice and then she would sprint to our room. Another evening I remember hearing a faint scream from down the hall: “They’ve got Ermine!!!!” And we did. But all’s well that ends well and we ended up throwing a huge dorm party with the popcorn that was in payment for their beloved creatures. However, I do think I remember that Cynthia was hung in effigy before it was all over.

And what’s the saying about no honor among thieves? I distinctly remember hearing a commotion one night during the wee hours but didn’t think much of it – until the next morning when I got up and carefully opened our door to the hallway and noticed a string tied from the door knob to the transom above the door. Being the wise freshman I was, I carefully untied the string and avoided the water container sitting above the door. The noise that had awakened me that night was the bucket of water coming down on Cynthia’s head when she had gotten up in the middle of the night. Before going back to bed, my wonderful roommate took the time to refill the jug, place it back above the door, and carefully tie the string to the door handle – just for me. Sweet thing, wasn’t she?

Oh, but then I got engaged the beginning of our sophomore year and tradition has it to throw the young bride-to-be in the fountain. Cynthia took her roommate position seriously and did just that. However, as she was leaning over laughing at me, my new fiancé could not resist and gave her just the smallest of shoves and she joined me in the water.

Cynthia was one of my bridesmaids, but after a short period of time, life distanced us and we lost contact. For the last 10 years, I’ve been looking for her and even praying that God would bring us together again. Three weeks ago, He did just that when a note popped up on my Facebook page for a friend request from Cynthia. She had found me! How sweet it has been to reconnect with this precious comrade.

And so, today I honor you, my friend, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays. May you know that you are remembered with such joy and embraced with much love. I pray this would be the year of the Lord’s favor upon you, and that everything you put your hand to, He would establish. You indeed are the apple of His eye and His desire is toward you.


Cynthia said...

Almost lost my scholarship that year, but wouldn't change a thing! You had the "criminal" brain, and I was your pawn...LOL.
Thank you, my dear friend. May God continue to bless you.

Paula Gibson said...

Brings up good memories to hear of the escapades of Cynthia and Persons Dorm. I sat here nodding my head in agreement as you detailed all those fun times.

Makes one feel young again, don't you think?