"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Year of Jubilee

I walked into The Swanson last night and who would be sitting there but all three of my children and their spouses along with my parents. They had truly surprised me with a birthday dinner -- I thought I was just sharing the evening with my husband and a couple of friends. I made the circuit hugging and holding on to each one of them; I cried, I applauded, and I laughed! What joy!!! What "jubilee"!
After dinner, we loaded up and went to Mom and Dad's for this wonderful birthday "cake" that Marynan had made. I've never been more proud! Not only was it absolutely delicious, it was almost too pretty to eat. But tastebuds always win out over sight at the McLendon household, and so after a few pictures for posterity, we devoured it. (There was only a small piece left, and it came home with me and is hidden securely in the back of the fridge for when I am alone.)

Next came the gifts, and saved for last was a card from all 6 of my dear ones. In it was 4 tickets to this year's Georgia National Rodeo. Yes!!!! I'm finally going to the rodeo!!! I have wanted to go for years but have never had the opportunity. So this coming Friday night, I'm donning my blue jeans and boots, and the girls and I are heading to the arena! Oh, even now I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. And we have reserved seating, too. I guess if it were a football game, you'd say we'd be sitting on the 50 yard line. They opted for that instead of the box seats due to the, uh, "stuff" that flies during the events. I'm so grateful for their thoughtful planning.

Of course, there were pictures, too. After taking about dozen of the 8 of us in front of the fireplace, it was discovered that I had horns growing out of my head due to the 2 candles on the mantle. Though my son-in-law in particular thought there was nothing wrong with it -- and maybe even appropriate, I absolutely insisted we do some retakes.

After cake, coffee, and gifts, all the siblings and their spouses came to our house and brought their beloved canines. It was the first time they had all been together (the dogs, not the children), and they faired really well. In fact, little Maddie played so hard with the larger pups, she slept through the entire night without waking up.

Way before I was ready for the evening to end, Todd and Marynan had to return to their little bungalow on Pineridge, and the other couples claimed their bedrooms in the back of the house. Yes, my children were home. It had been a most wonderful evening -- and to top it off, THEY were the ones having to clean up after their puppies. It was no longer I.

Maybe this turning 50 is not so terrible after all. In fact, I know it's not. It is the year of the Lord's favor. The year of Jubilee! How I praise Him!

Thanks, kids, for the most memorable birthday ever. I love you all so very, very much.

The most delicious and beautiful birthday cake I've ever had!

The beautiful cook and her creation. (She did admit to being quite nervous about the whole thing though.)

This was before the retake.

Can you believe I was ever their "little gurl" as my Aunt Mea announced at my birth?

Ted and Marcilla -- the conspirators!

It's difficult enough to get a picture with 6 people looking at the camera. Try throwing 3 dogs in there!
Robert and Kristin with Maddie (basset hound)
Todd and Marynan with Isaac (rottweiler mix)
Charles and Adrianne with Cocoa (catahoola leopard/Australian shepherd)

Another favorite gift: a framed print of Robert and me dancing at his and Kristin's wedding. I love this picture! He's singing "It's a Wonderful World" to me and I have my head thrown back laughing.

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Anonymous said...

You did such a good job of raising your children. I hope mine turn out as well!!! And don't wear a v-neck shirt to the rodeo - last time I went, "stuff" flew right down the front of my shirt between my pips!!!!