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Friday, February 20, 2009

Gratitude -- It Does a Body Good

I had a most delightful experience this week. I was asked by my friend Marcilla to ride over to Prattville, AL to hear Jan Silvious speak. We both had heard her several years ago in Chattanooga and were pleased to have the opportunity to do so again. And so on Tuesday morning, Marcilla, her sister-in-law Doris, and I loaded up and headed out. As it turned out, we were able to enjoy a wonderful meal of chicken enchiladas at Marcilla’s sister’s house on the river before the women’s event, and who was the honored guest but Jan Silvious herself!

Jan’s vivacious spirit fills up a room when she enters and joy follows her like a bridal train. And her understanding to relational issues? It exceeds human wisdom, yet at the same time is just plain good sense. She is one prudent woman.

Jan said a number of things that were worth remembering. Some things I still need to think upon – like prudence vs. foolishness; others made an impact right away. I like concretes, and one tangible she gave was this: 87% of diseases in our bodies are caused by negative thinking due to the negative hormones released by that negativity. (That's a whole lot of negativiness!) Which means only 13% is left to genetics. That’s huge and worth its own blog entry. It also puts a whole new light on “As a man thinketh, so is.”

She also told us that two different emotions cannot stay in the brain at the same time. For example, fear cannot reside with gratitude or vice versa. One will always win out. So, being one who struggles with fear issues, it seems the remedy might be an attitude of gratitude. I have to admit, however, that one of the weaker points in my prayer life is the “thanksgiving” part, but this new knowledge has put a little fire under me to change that. And not just during prayer time either. I’m hoping I can become a more thankful person all around. Let’s give it a try.

1. I am thankful that God wooed me before I even knew to seek Him myself.

2. I am thankful for this beautiful, sunshiny yet "crispy" day and for the ability to either wrap up in a number of coats I own or remain in my warmly heated home.

3. I am thankful that I have recently reconnected with my old roommate (as in "former" -- with both of us turning 50 this month, I need to be very sensitive throwing that word old" around).

4. I am thankful for my children who have each chosen to pursue God with all their hearts – only because He pursued them first.

5. I am thankful for my piano teacher Miss Pinkston who saw something in me and was willing to do what it would take to make me proficient at the keyboard.

So there’s a starter, and I’m feeling better already. Now what about you? Got anything for which you’re thankful?

After dinner: me, Jan, Doris and Marcilla
Just an ordinary moment....

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