"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Cup Overflowing, 281-300

When I was in north GA several weeks ago, I couldn't help but wonder if the residents there ever tire of the beauty ... or do they even see it anymore?  And then I couldn't help but wonder if there is beauty all around me where I live -- and I just miss it due to familiarity.  So I asked God to open my eyes to see the beauty around me.  And He did ... in faces, in colors, in ordinary moments.

My counting continues ....

#281  that every sacrifice, regardless how small, builds the reign of God in my life

#282  a powerful storm that speaks of a powerful God

#283  to answer the phone and hear, "Hi, Teach!"  Though I haven't taught him for years now, it's such a sweet term of endearment to me.

#284  throwing a blanket around me, grabbing my hot tea, and standing in the majesty of a pre-dawn moon ... and singing the doxology

#285  God's safe-keeping over one I love

#286  loving and laughing with Adrianne while literally hundreds of darling trick or treaters graced my steps.

#287  house guests and seasons of refreshing -- I love you, Chris and Lisa.  I now know how Mary and Martha felt when Jesus came to their house.  

#288  faces at the nursing home that betray young hearts

#289  Ruby -- my mother's nursemaid -- When my mother had scarlet fever as a very young child, Ruby was quarantined with the family and helped care for her.  With tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat, I could barely whisper "thank you."  

#290  remembering the saints -- both past and present

#291  a toddler's bath time and enough water to swim in

#292  Autumn ... not a death but a necessary season of dying

#293  making memories with our favorite little man
The Pink Pig at Macy's in the Lenox Mall

#294  the delight of sharing my waffle and blueberries

#295  shades of gold 

#296  Sunday dinner with Mom and Dad -- Why is it Mom's cooking ALWAYS taste better than mine?

#297 Moriah Lily -- my newest great-niece (and her not-so-happy big brother) 

#298 morning laughter with a long-distance loved one 

#299  lunch with my eldest son and knowing that God is doing some transformation in his heart

#300  that I live in an area that offers beautiful fall landscape in every direction
Cotton to the right

Sorghum to the left
Continue to open my senses to Your presence, Lord.  For therein is fullness of joy!

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