"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

He Delights in Delighting!

The drive to Greensboro was uneventful.  Beautiful, yes, with all the rolling hills and green pastures teeming with Holstein dairy cows.  But like I said, uneventful.  My husband had to attend a mass property sale out in the middle of nowhere and I was tagging along … relying on “Sexy Mary” to get us there.  She eventually turned us down a road that seemed a little strange, but then again, we didn’t know exactly where we going; so we followed her lead – for several miles.  During this time, I heard a faint Voice say, “Get out your camera.”  For a moment, I didn’t respond … and then I heard it again.  “Get out your camera.”  So I dug around until I found it in the bottom of my purse and placed it in the cup holder next to me.  As we rounded a bend, my husband pointed up in front and said, “Look at the wild hog.”  And as quickly as he had called attention to the sow, he hit the brakes and said, “I had a feeling this would happen.”  We had hit a dead end – a gate was stretching across the road allowing no further access.  He threw the truck in reverse and began backing up looking for a place to turn around when he heard me yell, “STOP!”  Right there out my window were these little fellows.  FIVE of them! 

Their mother had ventured off into the woods when she saw us, and they were just left standing there all alone, the spackled one chewing  on a pine branch and looking at me with such curiosity.  I began jumping up and down as much as one could do with a seat belt and shoulder strap on, breathless, snapping pictures as fast as the shutter would allow. 

The shoats finally wandered on after their mother but not before I had come completely undone at the sight and close proximity of them.  I began beating my legs and laughing while exclaiming, “God is so cool!  God is so cool!”  And it is so true.  God not only delights IN us, He delights in DELIGHTING us! 

We finally turned around and continued under the new directions of Sexy Mary, but the joy continued to bubble up in me.  As we neared out destination, I turned to my husband and said, “Hey, if Dan wants to know why we’re late, tell him God needed to show your wife some pigs.”

Found yourself on a strange road lately?  Best get out your camera.  God might be getting ready to delight you.  He is so incredibly awesome that way.

Just an ordinary moment…

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Rebekah A. said...

I need the strange road I'm on right now. I must embrace the delight and hold on! Thanks!