"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Left to Wonder

"I am amazed. I am absolutely amazed." These were the words I said over and over this morning at breakfast. The forester and I were discussing his new John Deere riding mower when he casually commented, "John Deere is what we used when I worked for the lawn service."

"When you did WHAT?" I queried.

"Worked for the lawn service."

"And exactly when did you do this?" After all, I've been married to the forester for over 32 years now and not one mention has ever been made of a lawn service.

"Back when I was in high school. The guy hired me because I could drive around the 15 year old kids who didn't have a license yet. How do you think I learned to back a trailer?" (I'm always telling him how impressed I am that he can maneuver and back a trailer with such ease and expertise.)

"I thought when you worked for Coca-Cola," I said. "So, when did you do this 'lawn service' bit?"

"Right before I went to work for Coke. Actually, it was right before I went to work for the grocery store." At least I knew about the whole grocery store stint; it had only lasted a day but was obviously worth mentioning.

"What was the name of this lawn service?"

"Albany Turf Masters." (That's pronounced "All-benny" for those of you not familiar with these parts.)

"Well, of course... But I'm still absolutely amazed. I knew about the grocery short-order, about delivering colas, and even the babysitting job for the colonel and his wife. But the lawn service? I'm just amazed." I wanted to ask, "What else have you got hidden up your sleeve that I don't know about?"

But that would ruin the element of surprise, would it not? Those moments of discovering something new about your spouse that you had never even imagined before. Good things. Worthy things. Things that leave some wonder in a marriage. Things as simple as a run-of-the-mill lawn service job.

But, you know, I believe that God has some "secrets" up His holy sleeve, too. After all, we're told in Ephesians that God can do anything -- in fact, far more than you and I could ever imagine or guess or request in our wildest dreams! That sounds like some divine mystery to me. Besides, if we knew everything about this One, would He be God? Hardly. Part of the wonder of it all is NOT knowing. Oh, but how amazing when He indeed does reveal something new of Himself. The exciting thing is that He is so huge, so large, so eternal, that we will never, no never, discover all there is to know about Him.

Honestly, when I discovered this new thing about my husband the forester, I got a kick out of it. In fact, it made me laugh out loud, but it also filled me with an amazement that I could live for so long with someone and not know that detail of his life, small as it was. May we be even more astounded, more astonished, more amazed as we discover the inexhaustible riches and wonder hidden in our magnificent God.

Just an ordinary moment...

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