"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Most Unusual Gift

Christmas is over and the gifts are unwrapped. Gifts such as jewelry boxes (with jewelry encased!), candies, and candles. Even a padded floor mat on which to stand while I'm baking. But I have to admit the most unusual gift I received -- probably in my entire lifetime -- was this one given to me by my parents.

Yes, this is a picture of the delivery room where I first saw the light of day. Now tell me, other than my brothers and me, who else on the face of the planet received such a Christmas gift this year? I'd lay my money on no one.

But what a great gift! Here is the place it all began for me. The place where, after hearing her voice for 9 months, I first lay eyes on my mother. The place where I first felt the touch of warm human hands -- those of Dr. Gallemore. The place where I felt my first tremor of cold. The place I first expressed my neediness with cries and wails. The first place I was humanly loved.

But more than just a picture, the snapshot my Daddy took a few weeks ago when the doctor's office was closing, was a spiritual reminder. Just as I don't remember when I was physically born in this small clinic birthing room, I also don't remember my spiritual birth. I was too young. Yes, there are mile-markers along the way, but nothing that says "this was the day." And as recently as this morning, I was thinking of what it would be like to remember that "coming to Jesus" moment. And then I remembered this photo. I can't remember that moment of physical birth either, but through the testimony and witness of my parents, along with the fact I am who I am today, I know it happened. The same goes with my spiritual birth. Through the testimony and witness of my heavenly Father and the Spirit and who He has made me today, I know it happened whether I remember it or not.

So this morning, I thank God for "silly" and most unusual gifts. Sometimes they are the ones that mean the most.

Just an ordinary moment...


twalker said...

A wonderful gift and thoughts to match.

Bob Malone said...

That was a special gift , Nancy. I had several nephews and nieces born there. Never got tired of looking at the pictures while waiting there.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I am glad you have such a special picture. My younger brother Randy Calhoun was born there but I was born in Americus Ga. I got a many shots there and he certainly knew what to give every patient. I wish there were more like him today. I remember Mrs Todd working there for years. God Bless and jd said that