"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Core

Well, I joined PAC last week: Perry Athletic Club. I am “in my 50” you know, and so I decided to get a head start on the fast approaching birthday. Besides, my muscles were already feeling a little too tight in the morning and my first 3 steps out of bed were becoming a little too shaky. (As my friend Wally would say, “Like a newborn calf out of the stall.”) I’m going three mornings a week, and it has been so exciting. I can hardly wait for Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays to roll around! Of course, Bud, my “success partner” is making each day a little more difficult for me; but I think that’s the point. He always starts me off with “the core.” Basically, what that means is I lie down on a mat and do about 60 assorted crunches. And THEN he puts me on an incline bench and “makes” me do sit-ups. (Today I did 20 and he was so proud of me! And quite frankly, so was I.) Lastly, I hang in mid-air by my forearms and pull my knees to my chest and then let them back down. I’m up to 2 reps of 10 each on that, too. And when I’m through with all this, I begin my workout. But over and over, Bud stresses the importance of “the core,” and he will not forego that part of the routine. In fact, all the other exercises for upper and lower body, so he tells me, should be done in such a way that there’s a day in between for rest; but not the core – they can be done daily.

One can probably guess that my mind has been clicking on this one. When it comes to my spiritual exercises, what is “the core”? What is it that is essential to a healthy spiritual life? I’ve come to the conclusion that the core is prayer and daily Bible reading: time spent daily in communion with the Lord in prayer and in reading His Word. Yes, there are many other disciplines of the faith; important disciplines. But prayer and Scripture intake must rank first and foremost or else the rest is weak. And I’ve certainly proven that to be true both in my diligence as well as in my neglect.

One more thing that Bud told me today is that as we discipline ourselves in just coming to the gym at a regular time and partaking of such a strict regimen, everything else will begin to line up, too. Sort of like prayer and Bible reading, wouldn’t you agree?

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constantlyrunningtoHim said...

ABSOLUTELY. Being spiritually fit is the most fulfilling feeling while you dig deeper daily and grow. Even though sometimes the growing pains are almost too tough to bear, the outcome is such a blessing and yes, spiritually, I believe God begins lining everything else right up beginning with inner peace.

I am so proud of you!