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Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Pictures, Three Stories

If you live in our area or frequently travel up and down I-75 between Macon and Perry, you are aware that the well renowned Café Erotica saw its final days recently. In fact, its razing on Friday morning brought quite the crowd. Saturday morning’s Macon Telegraph saw, not one, but two front page stories related to this noteworthy occasion along with several photographs. It’s not that I’m in disagreement with the closing of this nude dancing/strip joint. In fact, I was all in favor of it. If I’ve asked the Lord once as I’ve driven by, I’ve asked Him a hundred times to deliver those girls out of that pit and to do the same for those customers who would make regular visits there. (To give you an idea of the place, Jerry Springer had even filmed a segment of his TV show here.)

One of the front page stories related primarily the news of the notable closing and pending destruction set in motion by a ceremonial demolition. Chamber of Commerce presidents were present, each celebrating the potential growth and evolution in the area now that the highly visible joint would be gone.

The other story was of Rachel Simms who danced there for nearly four years in the late 90’s. Today she is a happily married wife who has found complete redemption in Christ Jesus and who has one of the most beautiful testimonies I’ve ever read. Two weeks ago she stood in her church pulpit and told her story to not only her congregation but a TV audience as well. At the end, not only did 10 people come forward, she found out that a former Café dancer was in the audience dealing with the same guilt she had dealt with for so many years herself. If you’d like to read her story, you can go to http://www.macon.com/197/story/426951.html.

But why do I write my blog this week on something such as this? Because of the photographs accompanying the articles. They told the real stories. The headline picture was that of a mechanical claw demolishing the “We Bare All” sign. In Rachel’s story, a before and after picture were included of the former dancer revealing a great transformation. And in the main article, there was a picture of the pastor of a very large church in the area pumping his Bible up in triumph. And it just made me sick for some reason.

Yes, victory had come; but it was not in the form of a sign or building coming down. It was in the life of a precious woman who has been to hell and back, who has found complete redemption, and who now tells her personal story so that others might find the same.

I just have a gut feeling that this young woman will touch more lives for Jesus than any Bible pumping preacher could ever hope to do.

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Patti said...

Hey Nancy---I just read your blog about the pink café` closing!!! I too have prayed sooooooo often (b/c I have passed that exit almost every weekday for 17+ years—wow! that is a long time..) for Jesus to deliver those girls and customers and the owner. I remember when it was opened and some of my friends stood out front in protest.

I began carpooling this week and my friend has been driving, and we have been talking up a storm every day to and from work. I had not even noticed it was being torn down!!! I will look today on the way home. I had tears in my eyes, praising God for what he has done and for saving that lady. And I agree---her testimony will touch many more lives than any Bible thumping preacher ever could—b/c she has been there and knows what all of these people feel and struggle with every day AND Jesus has set her FREE!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! I am so high on Jesus right now!!!! I am so glad I tried to open you blog just one more time from work!!! You have blessed me today!!!!

Let’s pray for her and for Jesus to use her mightily to bring in the Kingdom!! Wow!!!!!!

Love, Patti