"What He ordains for us each moment is what is most holy, best, and most divine for us." Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Cup Overflowing, 961-980

I'm still counting. In fact, my gratitude journal says "1366." But as I look over the following list, I realize that I'm almost a year behind in blogging them. However, as I approach that year mark, I'm reminded once again of God's faithfulness and presence during those days of surgery, recuperation, and wholeness. I remain so thankful for ...

#961  peace that passes understanding

#962  my daddy's gift of presence ... yes, in the day's following my surgery, I would awake to find my daddy just sitting in the chair in my bedroom

#963  a husband committed to the "for better or worse" ... and I do mean worse

#964  a strong leg to hang on to

#965  a mother's touch

#966  meals unending and friends and family who don't let us go hungry

#967  God's presence in the hard places

#968  His manifold grace

#969  the first walk outside -- all the way to the privet and back

#970  the chimes that have played music and the feeling that I'm being sung over

#971  plumbing that works

#972  silence

#973  my mom's whole wheat biscuits -- buttered and toasted for breakfast

#974  two weeks post surgery and a good post-op visit complete with color

#975  a daddy's phone call

#976  Gabe's gift of presence ... he found his place right next to my bed and held vigilance

#977  a cold November morning and the ability -- luxury -- to stay inside and go slow

#978  simplistic beauty -- wheat in an earthen vessel

#979  Cathy and Dick's visit 

#980  having all my children home at one time and the 22 feet under the Thanksgiving table

I count it all joy ...

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