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Friday, May 25, 2012

Travelling on My Knees

As I sit down to write this blog entry, I am also awaiting a text message that tells me my son and his wife have made it safely to Costa Rica on a mission trip.  My dear daughter-in-love is the leader of this RiverStone Church team – something she does well.  It’s not their first adventure on such an excursion.  While my son has only been going for about 6 years now, she has been “missioning” far more than that.  But the number of times or years doesn’t matter.  That last time I talk with them before they board their plane, I can’t help but get a little choked up and somewhat teary. 

Seeing Mommy and Daddy off
My emotions are mixed.  Yes, there’s always the element of fear.  What mother wouldn’t?  After all, the first trip they took together, Kristin got terribly ill and spent most of the days in a third-world hospital while my then 19-year-old son took the reins.  And while in Honduras, their bus met an 18-wheeler on a curvy road.  Every person miraculously walked away.  (There were no seat belts.)

And then there’s the blessed factor.  I’m so grateful for children who heed God’s call to “go.”  Whether they travel halfway across the world to Scotland or take kids on winter retreats or walk across the street and lead worship and Bible study or just spend time with someone who’s lonely … they all have given care to the Voice that has urged them forward to be the hands and feet of Jesus to “the least of these.”

And so what does this mother do while she waits?  She travels with them on her knees.

Yes, she prays for their protection and that they would be equipped for every good work.  But she also prays that light would be dispensed everywhere they put their feet and that God would set up His kingdom in every place where satan reigns.  That language and cultural barriers would be broken down; that lives would be changed and hearts redeemed.  She asks for a great outpouring of God’s Spirit so that the blind would see and the deaf would hear; that the brokenhearted would be comforted, captives released and prisoners freed.  She prays that they would recognize Christ in the men, women, and children whom they serve, and would constantly see, hear, taste, touch and even smell the reality of God’s presence.

And that’s just tonight’s prayer.

Just an ordinary moment...

If you would like to follow the team this week, please log into their blog at http://riverstoneyouthincostarica.blogspot.com

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